RewAir Wind Rotor Blade Automation Innovation Project with EU Funding Support

Project with EU Funding SupportRewAir has recently finalized a new innovation project to demonstrate the potential for large scale, automated precision preforming. The technical study, which simulated a split spar cap design, successfully produced wrinkle free, powder bound, 3D glass fabric structural sections ready for accurate dry layup placement in a rotor blade mould. Building preforms with the required accuracy and tolerances needed for an in-mould automated assembly process has been shown to be possible from test results obtained.

The business case for dedicated automation of preforms for rotor blade production looks very promising to open up new productivity and cost reduction opportunities. RewAir is now looking for OEM and automation partners interested in collaborating together to fully develop and commercialize the technology for large scale automated production.

This latest RewAir innovation project, which started in early 2021, has benefited from EU regional funding support for the development of new processes and technologies. The funding is part of the European Commission’s Spanish National Framework for rural development. RewAir España S.L. is located in Daimiel Ciudad Real, which is part of the Castilla-La Mancha region in central Spain. The region is a major industrial cluster for solar and wind renewable energies and the development of next generation fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

RewAir is exhibiting at JEC World 2022 in Paris from May 3rd to 5th (Hall 5, Booth D47), where we hope to meet with people who are interested to find out more about this innovation project.

Wind Rotor Blade Automation Innovation Project

RewAir has recently finalized a EU funded innovation project...

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