Outsourcing made simple

As outsourcing partner to the composites industry, RewAir provides four key advantages for turbine and nacelle manufacturers:

  • Product excellence
  • Consistent worldwide standards & practices
  • Seamless integration
  • Scalable & flexible production

We work hard to refine and develop each component. Ultimately we aim to:

  • Provide cost and quality leadership
  • Build solid, sustainable production facilities at relevant locations
  • Become a long-term partner in the eyes of our customers


From design to optimized supply chain

Based on your design and technical documentation, RewAir develops and optimizes the production and quality control process, the supply chain and the logistics set-up.

As a “kitter” and outsourcing partner, we have mastered this process and can ensure competitive pricing and safe and timely production start-up. We make outsourcing simple, safe and cost-effective, reducing the burden on our customers while safeguarding their core operations.

If possible, we situate our production next to your facility, see Scalable & Flexible production.

Following the conversion process and the start-up phase, we transition into a collaborative partner, providing:

  • Short lead times and excellent results when handling specification changes
  • Material and process optimization focused on reducing costs without compromising quality
  • Waste reduction
  • Pilot programs, zero series and innovation support for our customers

RewAir optimizes your supply chain – offering full traceability, seamless data integration and customer-specific logistics solutions.


Scalable robust systems

Our ability to meet customer expectations relies on our ability to scale our business to meet requirements quickly and reliably.

To meet these requirements, we have established standards and practices that ensure we can scale-up in a cost-effective, timely manner.

Our aim:

  • Expansion based on standardized workflow, support and management practices
  • Single global IT support structure
  • Seamless data integration
  • Scalability
  • Lean administration

Our focus:

  • Secure, robust systems
  • Simple, systemized expansion
  • Data transparency
  • Time efficiency
  • Data driven corrections and improvements


Data integration – ready for the future when you are

Today, our customers want seamless data integration and data exchange, including the automated exchange of technical and order-related material, certificates, delivery details, invoicing and payments.

To meet these needs, we have implemented an SAP Business One system with relevant add-ons group-wide. This means we’re ready to integrate when you are – securely, confidentially, and no matter what major ERP system you use.

In addition to offering time savings and convenience, our ERP system features central data storage and robust back-up, ensuring swift data recovery in the unlikely event of a cyber-attack or similar incident.


Centralized systems tailored to meet local market needs

The wind industry has not yet reached full maturity. Volume and volume distribution depend on political decisions, which can result in geographical growth pockets emerging or shrinking quickly. That makes scalability and flexibility critical.

  • Flexibility – We can adapt capacity at any given production facility.
  • Scalability – We can build new facilities and adapting existing ones swiftly and cost-effectively.

At RewAir, we consider scalability and flexibility every time we invest in a production facility. We rent space instead of buying it, and our major machinery and equipment is owned centrally and leased to subsidiaries.

Our standards and practices are developed centrally and rolled out locally, keeping aligned with our core values while adapting to meet local needs. Our facilities and our organization in general are known for agility and short decision-making pathways.

For more information see Worldwide standards and practices and Integration.